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About the Author

     Doris Powers Lauing grew up on a farm in central South Dakota to parents Lenard and Lillian (Miller) Powers. After developing a passion for writing in school she decided to take a sabbatical from the paper and pen and raise her three sons; Keith, Scott and Dan Pazour. In 1995 she was introduced to the western way of life through her husband Denny. With their lives deeply rooted; together they make their life ranching, raising cattle and Quarter Horses near Blunt South Dakota. Picking up a camera to compliment her writing she found a hidden talent. Doris writes and photographs from her home about life as she sees and lives it. Over the past five years she has been published in a number of periodicals as a free-lance writer including Readers Digest, South Dakota Magazine, Quarter Horse Journal, Working Horse, Tri-State Livestock News and Todays Horse to name a few. She has taken assignments covering prestigious events such as the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada and the Historic Fort Pierre to Deadwood Trail Ride.

   To her credits, her first coffee table book, "Fort Pierre Deadwood Trail: A Trail Rediscovered",was published in October 2008 and "He Walked With The Indians: The Life History of Royal Runge released in June 2009. She also chaired the updating of the Blunt South Dakota History Book from 1984-2009 "Celebrating 125 Years of Being Blunt" and acted as Publisher for Cowboy Poet Blaine Nordvold for the release "Rhymes & Reasons of Ranching & Rodeo (Volume I) in August 2009 and (Volume II) in November 2009. After relocating their ranch to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2011, Doris stepped outside her comfort zone to research the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the legendary Buffalo Chip Campground. She release her 2nd full-color coffee table book in July 2012 depicting the 30th Anniversary of the Buffalo Chip.

Vitalix Dealer

Denny began using Vitalix for his livestock in 2014.  He was so impressed with the product that he agreed to become an independent dealer.  Every year since 2015 he has been awarded the Gold Salesman award.  But better yet, his livestock have remained healthier, they are in better condition year round no matter the grass or hay quality. He attests that there is a higher conception rate with the first cycle and the calves remain healthier at weaning with less stress when IntegraMOS is added to the tubs, all which adds pounds and dollars. By using a consistent mineral program all year he is assured that his livestock are at their optimum health.  He also uses the tubs for horses and sheep. He states that selling a product is easy when you believe in it and see the results with your own herd.

Vitalix is an American Family owned company that specializes in quality low moisture cooked molasses supplement tubs made from the best all-natural ingredients available. Since 1989 Vitalix has been at the forefront of the tub business, committed to leading the way in how controlled consistent nutrition is delivered to almost all species of livestock.

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